EGP supports Soul Provider NGO with the Soul Food project for creating shared value

Published on friday, 28 September 2018

“Our school is situated in an area that is extremely poverty stricken. Quite a few of our learners come to school literally on empty stomachs. Your Samaritan intervention enables us to provide a meal, and even go beyond catering for them at school, as we go also give them a package to carry home albeit to a selected few according to the particular family situation as we know and see the child.”

– Z. Kula, Vukani Combined School Principal

Nutrition Access and the Right to Study to Creating Shared Value

Soul Provider’s project to reduce childhood malnutrition engages schools and combines education and healthcare. Currently, there are 6 active Soul Food projects. Every week, they provide hot meals to about 42,000 school age children, as well as the elderly, women who are victims of abuse, the terminally ill and people affected by HIV.

“Thanks to your support, our school nutrition programme is achieving its goal with increased effectiveness. Students are very willing to come to school when they know they’ll have a decent meal there.”

– S.W. Mange, Weston Intermediate School Principal

Enel Green Power South Africa supports Soul Provider’s activities in several schools in the area of Port Elizabeth, one of the main cities in the province where our Gibson Bay wind farm is located.

We provided Soul Food with a vehicle and we take care of monthly fuel costs for the collection of food to distribute to the schools and institutes, ensuring that about 3,500 school age children have a daily meal.

Our involvement in Soul Food is a contribution to the commitment of many schools that have long had internal food aid programmes for their students, seeking help and support for their efforts.

Together with local communities and associations like Soul Provider, we are helping to build a new chapter in South Africa’s history, starting with young generations that will be able to live a different and sustainable future thanks to the small and large steps we take together every day.