The “Good” Giant that Captures the Sun

Published on Friday, 5 May 2017

“The project includes the plants of Villanueva 1 (427 MW) and Villanueva 3 (327 MW), the construction of which started at the same time. The total 754 MW will begin operation in the second half of 2018.”

Overcome every difficulty

Villanueva is an unprecedented challenge for Enel Green Power. “The greatest difficulty is the logistics”, adds Pidalà, who, in the last few weeks, has seen the arrival of about 60 containers a day, full of photovoltaic panels and trackers, at the construction site. “When they asked me to manage this project, I knew that it would be challenging, to say the least, but I know the EGP team and I know that we can face this challenge with our heads high. I’d like to take the chance to thank Luca Ceci, Project Manager for the project, and the entire team of Villanueva for their effort and the excellent work done so far”.

The plant’s construction involves hundreds of people coming from all Enel Green Power units and the best skills acquired in the field of solar. “We are just getting started, but we are aware that Villanueva is a project we will not easily forget”.

“In situations like these, teamwork is essential. We always have to pay attention, in order to anticipate every possible critical issue and carry out our activities immediately.”

– Saverio Pidalà, Project Leader EGP, Villanueva Project

A return home

Saverio Pidalà arrived in Mexico several years ago, where he followed the works for our Dominica wind farm, a 200-MW project located in Charcas in the State of San Luis Potosí. “This was like coming home for me. I was reunited with the colleagues I met during past projects and it’s wonderful to share this new big challenge. We know that it will take a lot of effort, but we are ready”.

With the launch of works at Villanueva, Mexico affirms its role as a key country for Enel Green Power. This is a stable and mature market, “despite still having some complexities”, says Pidalà.

“Mexico has now proven it can host EGP’s ambitious projects, completed each time by respecting all the local laws and schedules. In addition to Villanueva, we’ve also started works on the Don Josè solar farm (238 MW) and on the Amistad wind plant (200 MW), while the construction of the Salitrillos wind project (93 MW) will begin at the start of next year”.

“EGP is a key player in the sustainable development of Mexico, where our approach of Creating Shared Value is generating numerous initiatives that help the local communities.”

Sharing value

In Mexico, too, we have launched various initiatives to help local communities, contributing through our plants to the achievement of objectives of clean energy production and to the creation of shared value for the populations living where we work.

“On the occasion of the opening of each worksite”, concludes Pidalà, “we carefully plan each activity to be carried out with the local communities. In the middle of May, we’ve planned an event dedicated to our method of CSV (Creating Shared Value). It will be three days featuring all the units of EGP to highlight the importance of this model again and to understand how we can further contribute to the welfare of the communities”.