Enel Green Power S.p.A. has adhered to the Self - regulation Code of listed companies (the “Corporate Governance Code”) since its IPO in 2010.

The Corporate Governance Code, in line with the experience of international markets, points out the best practices on corporate governance recommended to Italian listed companies, to be applied according to the principle of comply or explain. This principle requires to motivate, in the report on Corporate Governance, the reasons for the possible non-adherence to the recommendations included in the principles or the criteria of the Corporate Governance Code.

In December 2011 a new edition of the Corporate Governance Code has been published. This new edition has amended several recommendations of the previous Code, in order to take into account the various regulations that have been issued in recent years regarding the corporate governance of listed companies and that have made obsolete some of the recommendations that were in force. In addition, the new edition is in line with the latest national and international best practices, reinforcing the main role of the board of directors and committees and their "independent" component, as well as rationalizing the system of internal controls.

The Board of Directors of Enel Green Power, at its meeting held on December 19th, 2012, resolved to adopt the new recommendations, as well as upon all the amendments to the company documents that have been considered necessary or appropriate in order to ensure the timely implementation of the new edition of the Corporate Governance Code.

Last update: February 14. 2013​