Internal regulations for the management and divulgation of information and documents to outsiders

Discover the rules that govern internal communications within the company and the disclosure of information.

Since the IPO of the Company, the Board of Directors has adopted special rules (amended and updated in December 2012) for the internal management and processing of confidential information, which also contains the procedures for the external circulation of documents and information concerning the Company and the Group, with particular reference to privileged information. The rules are aimed at keeping confidential information secret, while at the same time ensuring that the information regarding the Company and the Group made available to the market is correct, complete, adequate, timely, and non-selective.

The rules also set forth specific procedures to be followed when circulating information regarding the Company and the Group outside the Group - with particular emphasis on privileged information - and carefully regulate the ways in which Company representatives enter into contact with the press and other mass media (or financial analysts and institutional investors).

Last update: February 14, 2013​