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Adobe and Enel Green Power: the road to 100% renewables

Adobe and Enel Green Power: the Road to 100% Renewable

At Adobe, innovation and creativity go beyond its portfolio of digital solutions; the company is also harnessing its expertise to create a more sustainable future. Part of this ambition is Adobe’s goal to be 100% powered by renewable electricity and with its partnership with Enel Green Power, the tech leader is on its way to running entirely on clean energy.


As part of Adobe’s sustainability strategy, the company is dedicated to powering its operations with renewable energy and decarbonizing their sites and the US electricity grid, without purchasing unbundled RECs or offsets to do it.
As a member of RE100, Adobe has committed to be 100% powered by renewables by 2035 and is choosing to enter into power purchase agreements (PPAs) to help meet this goal. One of the PPAs furthering Adobe’s renewable energy strategy is with Enel Green Power at the Rattlesnake Creek wind farm in Nebraska.

Rattlesnake Creek is a testament to the power of working together. In addition to the power purchase agreement with Adobe, the wind farm is supporting Facebook with wind energy as well. By using a collaborative approach to find power purchase solutions for two companies with different energy needs, Rattlesnake Creek is enabling the technology companies to make significant progress on their renewable energy targets. The PPAs at Rattlesnake Creek represent the technology industry’s first aggregated purchase of wind energy. Until 2029, the companies will share the output of the wind project, with Adobe purchasing the energy produced by 10 MW of Rattlesnake Creek and Facebook purchasing the energy produced by the remaining 310 MW of the project.

Adobe believes that when it comes to the environment, collaboration is the only way forward. And at Enel Green Power, we couldn’t agree more.

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  • Energy 10

    Energy 10 MW of sustainable energy

  • Innovation 1st

    Innovation 1st Aggregated purchase of wind energy for the technology industry

  • Emissions 29k

    Emissions 29k Tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year

Sustainability Highlights

An Award-Winning Partnership

For the past three years, Smart Energy Decisions has held an Innovation Awards competition, recognizing exemplary use of innovative technologies and progressive practices among large electric power users and their suppliers. In the 2020 program, Adobe received a Customer Project Award in the Commercial Offsite Renewable Energy category, recognizing the partnership with Enel Green Power at the Rattlesnake Creek wind farm.

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