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Lojas Renner, making fashion more attractive than ever with sustainable energy from EGP

Lojas Renner, making fashion more attractive than ever with sustainable energy from EGP

Lojas Renner, Brazil’s leading clothing department store chain, has chosen sustainability and signed an agreement with EGP to supply 170 stores and its new distribution center with 100% wind-generated energy


Wind power for Brazilian stores

Lojas Renner has been implementing a sustainability-centered strategy for some time now. But in 2021, it took a huge leap forward thanks to an agreement with the Enel Group. 

Lojas Renner signed a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to buy enough renewable energy produced by Enel Green Power Brazil to meet 100% of the electricity requirements of 170 stores across the nation and its new distribution center, which is currently being built in Cabreúva in the state of San Paolo. Overall, 40% of consumption at Renner's Brazil stores will be covered by renewable energy. This will also increase the percentage of the Brazilian chain’s consumption of electricity from renewable sources to 80%: a good five percentage points above its own 75% target for 2021.

The electricity will be generated in 99 MW EGP’s Fontes Dos Ventos II wind farm, which is currently under construction in Tacaratu in the state of Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil. At full capacity, beginning in 2023, Lojas Renner will be purchasing around 100 GWh of renewable energy annually from EGP. This will lead to environmental as well as financial benefits, cutting around 6,200 tons of CO2 emissions a year and generating total savings in excess of 550 million reais (more than 90 million euros) over 15 years.

Renner has also entered into an agreement with EGP to obtain International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs), a globally recognized standard attesting that the electricity being purchased comes from renewables, and tracing its environmental characteristics.  

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  • Energy 80%

    Energy 80% Percentage of renewable energy that will be consumed in Lojas Renner

  • Economy 90

    Economy 90 Million of euros savings over 15 years

Sustainability highlights

A long history of environmental focus

Founded in 1965, Lojas Renner now has 408 stores across all 26 of Brazil’s states (plus the Federal District of Brazil). In 2017 it began to expand internationally, opening stores in Uruguay and then in Argentina in 2019. Its focus on sustainability has deep roots. In 2011, Lojas Renner became the first clothing chain in Brazil to conduct an audit of its own greenhouse gas emissions. In 2018, it committed to reducing its 2017 emissions levels by 20% by 2021. 

Since 2017, all of the chain’s new stores have been designed to obtain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which classifies a building's energy efficiency and ecological footprint. All Lojas Renner stores now use low-consumption LED lighting, while 34% of them employ automation and remote management systems in order to boost energy efficiency. Currently, 65% of Lojas Renner’s electricity consumption comes from renewables, particularly solar and hydroelectric, with wind power being added to these thanks to the new EGP agreement. 

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