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HP Hood

HP Hood and Enel Green Power: Investing in a Cleaner Future with Renewable Energy

HP Hood, a leading U.S. dairy company, has been providing quality dairy products since 1846. Committed to sustainability through its partnership with Enel Green Power at Azure Sky wind farm in Texas, it is setting the stage to affect positive environmental change through its operations and energy supply.


Renewing commitment to sustainability

As Hood marks its 175th anniversary, the legacy company looks to a sustainable future with its first renewable energy virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA). In June 2021, Hood entered into an agreement with Enel Green Power to purchase 90 GWh of wind energy each year. Through a 12-year VPPA, Hood will purchase the electricity delivered to the grid by a 25 MW portion of Enel Green Power’s Azure Sky wind project in Texas. Over the life of the VPPA, the Azure Sky project will generate approximately 90 GWh of renewable electricity annually - addressing 33% of the electricity used across all 13 of Hood’s owned manufacturing facilities in 2020. 

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  • Energy 25

    Energy 25 MW of renewable energy

  • Production 33%

    Production 33% Of the electricity used across 13 Hood-owned manufacturing facilities in 2020

  • Electricity Equivalent >10K

    Electricity Equivalent >10K US households (their annual electricity needs)

Sustainability Highlights

Advancing sustainability for our next generations

Hood is one of the country’s largest branded food and beverage companies with 13 manufacturing plants throughout the United States. It produces milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, ice cream, eggnog, frozen novelties, frozen yogurt, juice and drinks. Its renowned portfolio of brands include: Hood, Simply Smart, Heluva Good!, Planet Oat, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, Hershey’s Milk & Milkshakes, LACTAID and more. Hood is actively taking measures to address environmental sustainability across its business activities with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy usage and waste as its main areas of concentration. Additionally, HP Hood upholds its social responsibility to communities by supporting family health and nutrition. 

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