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Marcello Colledani

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano and
coordinator of the FiberEUse project

About the contributor

Marcello Colledani

Associate Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano. He has carried out research activities at the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity (LMP) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research areas include stochastic modelling and analysis of manufacturing systems for their control and reconfiguration, modelling and analysis of advanced mechanical de-and remanufacturing technologies and systems for circular economy. He is the coordinator of the EU H2020 large scale demonstration project FiberEUse, targeting composite recovery and re-use. He is the coordinator of the Regional working group on “De-and remanufacturing for Circular Economy”, within AFIL, the Lombardy Region cluster on intelligent factories. Within the group, a publication was recently issued on best industrial practices in Lombardy on Circular Economy. Moreover, he leads the development of the H2020 Screen project “Methodology for Inter-regional Cooperation for Circular Economy”.