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Virginie Raisson-Victor - Direttrice di Lépac

Virginie Raisson-Victor

Director of Lépac and co-founder of Convention21

About the contributor

Virginie Raisson-Victor

Virginie Raisson-Victor graduated in History, International Relations and Geopolitics. Since 2008, she has run Lépac, an independent research lab dedicated to geopolitics and foresight studies, co-founded in 1992 with her husband, Jean-Christophe Victor. She used to contribute to the geopolitical programme Le Dessous des Cartes broadcasted on ARTE, and is the co-author of two books based on this programme.

Among numerous publications, Virginie Raisson-Victor also published two books that became references in foresight and data visualisation: 2033, Atlas des Futurs du Monde (Robert Laffont, 2010) and 2038, Les Futurs du Monde (Robert Laffont, 2016).

In 2020, Virginie Raisson-Victor was appointed President of Giec Pays-de-la-Loire, a regional scientific committee in charge of research about climate change impacts. Recently, she also co-initiated Convention21, a French national initiative which brings together 150 private companies and which aims to propose a set of structuring measures enabling companies to actively contribute to reduce both, greenhouse gas emissions and decline in biodiversity in accordance with European and French commitments.

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