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Mathis Wackernagel - President of the Global Footprint Network

Otto Lundman

Modvion CEO and co-founder

About the contributor

Otto Lundman

CEO and co-founder of wood technology company Modvion. Modvion develops demanding designs made of laminated wood, nature's carbon fibre, for large-scale applications. Wooden designs enable radical reductions in emissions by replacing heavy-emission material such as steel and concrete. Thanks to their patented module system, Modvion has been able to develop wind turbine towers at decreased manufacturing costs and more efficient transportation for installations of tall towers. Modvion’s first tower was installed in the Gothenburg archipelago in April 2020, the first commercial sized tower will be installed in 2022. Enel Green Power and Modvion are in collaboration with the joint vision to bring the next generation of wind power technology to market. Otto Lundman holds a M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Business Design and a B.Sc. in Product Development from Chalmers University of Technology, and is furthermore a Commissioned Officer in the Swedish Amphibious Corps.