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The economist Chris Goodall

Chris Goodall

Businessman, author and climate change expert

About the contributor

Chris Goodall

Chris Goodall is an economist working in energy technology and climate change action. He wrote the pioneering How to Live a Low-Carbon Life (2007), Ten Technologies to Save the Planet (2008) and The Switch (on solar power) in 2016. He was recently chair of one of the UK’s leading car charging companies and is involved in several innovative businesses in the green economy. In 2020 he wrote the Wainwright Prize shortlisted book What We Need to Do Now. The website Carbon Commentary, which is part of The Guardian Environment Network, is owned and operated by Goodall. Through Carbon Commentary he publishes a free weekly newsletter on clean energy around the world. Goodall has also contributed a number of articles to “The Guardian”, the “Independent”, and the “Ecologist”, among others.

In-depth analysis