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Anthony Elliott

Simone Franzò

Assistant Professor in the University’s School of Management

About the contributor

Simone Franzò

Simone Franzò completed his Management Engineering degree in 2011 and started working at the Politecnico di Milano immediately after graduation, where he is now an Assistant Professor in the University’s School of Management. He gained a PhD in Management Engineering in February 2017, with a thesis focusing on the role that organizational culture plays in the adoption of open innovation by companies in the energy sector. Since 2011, he's been involved in the Energy & Strategy Group at the University’s School of Management, and he’s now a member of its Scientific Committee. He has conducted and continues to conduct many energy-related projects focusing on issues regarding the definition of business models and innovation strategies, market analysis, go-to-market strategy definition, competitive positioning, and technical-economic feasibility studies for technology solutions and energy services. He’s a member of the Core Faculty at the POLIMI Graduate School of Management, where he lectures on specialized courses, MBAs and Executive MBAs and other master’s degree courses provided by the Politecnico di Milano, and is the Director of the Executive Master’s degree in Management and the International Master’s degree in Environmental Sustainability & Circular Economy.